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Posted on Mar 7, 2016 in Inspirational Poems | 5 comments

खड़ा हिमालय बता रहा है – सोहनलाल द्विवेदी

खड़ा हिमालय बता रहा है – सोहनलाल द्विवेदी

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Albert Einstein said about him, “Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a one as this walked the earth in flesh and blood”. What a phenomenon our Father of the nation was! He took on an empire about which it was said that the “sun never sets on it”, and lead a whole subcontinent to freedom. That too while shunning violence and keeping the moral high ground. He had mesmerized the nation. People looked to him to get cues for what to do. This is beautifully depicted in a classical poem by Sohanlal Dwivedi. An abridged version of this poem venerating Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi is here for you to relish – Rajiv Krishna Saxena

खड़ा हिमालय बता रहा है
डरो न आंधी पानी में।
खड़े रहो तुम अविचल होकर
सब संकट तूफानी में।

डिगो ना अपने प्रण से‚ तो तुम
सब कुछ पा सकते हो प्यार‚
तुम भी ऊंचे उठ सकते हो
छू सकते हो नभ के तारे।

अचल रहा जो अपने पथ पर
लाख मुसीबत आने में‚
मिली सफलता जग में उस को
जीने में मर जाने में।

~ सोहनलाल द्विवेदी

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  1. U should tell more about this poem

  2. I love this poem. This poem is the pioneer of my life.

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  4. Very best poem

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