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Posted on May 22, 2017 in Desh Prem Poems | 1 comment

माहिश्मती सामराज्यम्ः बाहुबली

माहिश्मती सामराज्यम्ः बाहुबली

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Bahubali the movie in two parts was superb for a variety of reasons. It tells a gripping story over two generations and has state of the art technology in its filming. No wonder it took the movie 5 years to make. The whole team of Bahubali must be congratulated a million times to create a magnum opus that would be a beacon to be emulated by Indian and foreign film industry. Hats off indeed! I was most impressed by the “Mahishmati Anthem” that is a marching song played many times in the two movies. The Hindi version is posted below. The original Sanskrit version (in Telugu version of the movie) is very impressive and moving, but I could not get its lyrics. You can hear it by clicking here. Rajiv Krishna Saxena

माहिश्मती सामराज्यम्
सर्वोत्तम् अजेयम्
दसो दिशाएं आगे आ
सब इसको करते प्रणाम

खुशहाली वैभवशाली
समृद्धियाँ निराली
धन्य धन्य है यहाँ प्रजा
शक्ति का ये स्वर्ग था

घन गरज जो किलके यहाँ
दिग दिगंत में है कहाँ
शीश तो यहाँ झुका ज़रा
यशास्वीनी है ये धरा

महिष्मति की पताका
सदा यूँही गगन चूमे
अश्व दो और सूर्य देव मिलके
स्वर्ग सिंघासन विराजे

~ मनोज मुन्ताशिर

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