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Posted on Feb 2, 2016 in Contemplation Poems, Inspirational Poems, Life And Time Poems | 4 comments

तुमुल कोलाहल कलह में मैं हृदय की बात रे मन – जयशंकर प्रसाद

तुमुल कोलाहल कलह में मैं हृदय की बात रे मन – जयशंकर प्रसाद

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In times of deep distress and depression, a ray of hope and optimism suddenly emerges in mind. This poem is dedicated to that optimism. Check out the lovely Anupras Alankar in the last line; five words starting with the letter “M”. Rajiv Krishna Saxena

तुमुल कोलाहल कलह में, मैं हृदय की बात रे मन।

विकल हो कर नित्य चंचल
खोजती जब नींद के पल
चेतना थक–सी रही तब, मैं मलय की वात रे मन।

चिर विषाद विलीन मन की,
इस व्यथा के तिमिर वन की
मैं उषा–सी ज्योति-रेखा, कुसुम विकसित प्रात रे मन।

जहाँ मरू–ज्वाला धधकती,
चातकी कन को तरसती,
उन्हीं जीवन घाटियों की, मैं सरस बरसात रे मन।

पवन की प्राचीर में रुक,
जला जीवन जी रहा झुक,
इस झुलसते विश्वदिन की, मैं कुसुम ऋतु रात रे मन।

चिर निराशा नीरधर से,
प्रतिच्छायित अश्रु सर से,
मधुप मुखर मरंद मुकुलित, मैं सजल जल जात रे मन।

∼ जयशंकर प्रसाद

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  1. I want meaning of this poem

    • Beautiful meaning of this poem posted on web site below. Thi song sends a chill up my spine every time I listen to it


      Manu the original man, (or mind), has spent a tumultous time ruling a domain which he created after the floods, with the help of Ida (wisdom or intellect). And when Manu in a moment of weakness, tries to possess Ida, Gods are upset at his indiscretion. His city built with the wisdom of Ida is laid to ruins. When he is lying injured and uncared for in the field, his original consort ”kamayani” or ‘shraddha’ (faith) comes looking for him and revives him:

      tumul kolahal kalah mein, main hridaya ki baat re man
      ( O mind (or Manu), I am like the voice of your heart in a raucus din)

      vikal hokar nitya chanchal, khojati jab neend ke pal
      chetana thak si rahi tab, main malaya ki vaat re man

      (when desperate and ever disturbed, searching for few moments of rest is consciousness in its moment of exhaustion, I come as the soothing fragrant breeze of the Malaya mountains)

      chir vishad vileen man ki, is vyatha ke timir van ki
      main Usha si jyoti-lekha, kusum vikasit praata re man
      ( for the mind that is ever lost in sorrow, for this dark forest of suffering I come as the first light of dawn, as the flower-blossomed morning)

      pavan kee pracheer mein ruk, jalaa jeevan jee raha jhuk
      us jhulasate vishva-din ki, main kusum ritu raat re man
      (held within the walls of the breath, burnt life goes on living bent in that scorching day of the world, I come as the night of the spring season)

      jahan maru-jwala dhadhakati, chataki kan ko tarasati
      unhi jeevan ghatiyon ki, main saras barsaat re man.
      (where desert-fires burn, and the chatak bird is desperate for a droplet in those valleys of life, I come as the flavourful rain)

  2. I want the explanation of this poem

  3. I want to meaning of this poem.

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