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Posted on Feb 16, 2016 in Bal Kavita | 5 comments

नन्हा पौधा – वेंकटेश चन्द्र पाण्डेय

नन्हा पौधा – वेंकटेश चन्द्र पाण्डेय

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Here is a lovely poem for little children – Rajiv Krishna Saxena

एक बीज था गया बहुत ही
गहराई में बोया।
उसी बीज के अंतर में था
नन्हा पाौधा सोया।

उस पौधे को मंद पवन ने
आकर पास जगाया।
नन्हीं नन्हीं बूंदों ने फिर
उस पर जल बरसाया।

सूरज बोला “प्यारे पौधे
निंद्रा दूर भगाओ।
अलसाई आंखें खोलो तुम
उठ कर बाहर आओ।

आंख खोल कर नन्हें पौधे
ने तब ली अंगड़ाई।
एक अनोखी नई शक्ति सी
उसके तन में आई।

नींद छोड़ आलस्य त्याग कर
पौधा बाहर आया।
बाहर का संसार बड़ा ही
अदभुत उसने उसने पाया।

~ वेंकटेश चन्द्र पाण्डेय

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  1. Hi Vainktesh
    weloved your creative poem..
    specially the starting 4 stanzaz..
    they really touched my mind and soul..
    i m totally in love with uit..
    i will make this my ringtone♥♥

    • Hello Tanvi,
      Thanks for your appreciation. This poem was written by my maternal grandfather (Nana Ji) many years back. His soul will be happy that his work is still be praised after so many years.
      Thanks a lot once again.
      Arvind Sharma

  2. we totally love it …it is so peaceful, it is heart touching and mind boggling, kavi ko shabdo k sath khelna ata hai!!!!!! ♥♥♥♦♣♠•◘○☺☻

  3. Hello sir I m found of this poem I read this in my school days and now after becoming mom I am able to feel it from my heart

  4. we were finding the poem and the poet for a long time for my project as my mother had forgotten your name but remembered few lines , she told me to add you in the chart and your poem is lovely sir, pls keep writing

    your fan
    Trishaan Chaturvedi

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