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Posted on Sep 14, 2015 in Bal Kavita | 6 comments

अगर पेड़ भी चलते होते – दिविक रमेश

अगर पेड़ भी चलते होते – दिविक रमेश

[A simple and fun poem for children. What fun it would have been if the trees could walk? I have done the illustration myself. Rajiv Krishna Saxena]

अगर पेड भी चलते होते
कितने मजे हमारे होते
बांध तने में उसके रस्सी
चाहे जहाँ कहीं ले जाते

जहाँ कहीं भी धूप सताती
उसके नीचे झट सुस्ताते
जहाँ कहीं वर्षा हो जाती
उसके नीचे हम छिप जाते

लगती भूख यदि अचानक
तोड मधुर फल उसके खाते
आती कीचड-बाढ क़हीं तो
झट उसके उपर चढ ज़ाते

अगर पेड भी चलते होते
कितने मजे हमारे होते

∼ डॉ. दिविक रमेश

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  1. Very Nice

  2. i loved this poem like anything and understood it so well that now I can explain what it means.
    It means-:
    If trees could be walking with us it would be so much fun, whenever there came rain or tsunami, we could just climb up the tree.Also when any time the sun would hurt us we would just sit under the tree’s leaves. Whenever we would feel hungry we would just pluck the fruits from the tree and eat it.

  3. This poetry get remember our childhood

  4. Same poem on Goyal Bros. Prakashan. Thanks, Dr. Divik Ramesh

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