Saare Jahan Se AchchhaSaare Jahan Se Achchha

Submitted / Updated On: Monday, November 5, 2007 | Written By: Iqbal | Hits since Feb 1, 2014: 43505

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This great poem was written by Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a great poet-philosopher and active political leader. Iqbal was born at Sialkot, Punjab, in 1877. He descended from a family of Kashmiri brahmins but his grandfather Sahaj Ram Sapru, had to embrace Islam (Reference). In 1904, Iqbal, then a young lecturer at the Government College, Lahore, was invited by his student Lala Hardayal - a patriot who established the Gadar Party in the US, to a meeting. In the gathering Iqbal sang Saare Jahan Se Achchha. Audience was stunned; no one had heard anything like it before. Simple and alluring, the song became a rallying point for freedom fighters. It remains one of the most popular patriotic songs in India and its music favorite of all marching bands. Unfortunately Iqbal did not live to see free India and died in 1938 - Rajiv Krishna Saxena