Bhaye Pragat KripalaBhaye Pragat Kripala

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The epic Ram-Charit Manas by Tulsidas (AD1532-1623) is simply unparalleled both as a reflection of a human beings devotion to Lord as also in his absolute grip over the technique in poetry. In the following passage from this mammoth work, the poet describes the birth of Rama. When the child was born, mother Kausalya saw the vision of Lord appear in all the divine glory that Tulsi describes in second verse. But she would rather have the Lord as her baby and therefore she prays to Him with both hands folded. O Lord, Vedas say that you are beyond maya, attributes and knowledge and that the whole universe in all its manifestations resides in your body. Who would ever believe that such as you, resided in my womb for nine months? Please O Lord, give up this appearance and become a newborn child, because that is what will give me infinite joy. And then the Lord, the King of the divine kingdom, smiled, became a baby and started to cry in the lap of mother. Tulsidas in the last line of this lovely piece says that whosoever sings this passage, would be liberated from this world and will never be reborn - Rajiv Krishna Saxena