Ram Bharat MilanRam Bharat Milan

Submitted / Updated On: Thursday, July 14, 2016 | Written By: Mahadevi Verma | Hits since Feb 1, 2014: 14770

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Accepting the demand of step-mother Kekayi for a 14 year banvaas, Ram along with wife Sita and brother Lakshman, made abode in the forest of Chitrkoot. One day Lakshman saw from a distance, Bharat approaching with an army and thought that he wanted to kill Ram in order to permanently get the kingdom of Ayodhya. In anger, Lakshman pleads with Ram to prepare for an armed duel with Bharat in order to defeat and kill him. The poem below is an excerpt from Mahadevi Verma’s Ramayana, where Maryada-Purushottam Ram replies to Lakshman and the subsequent meeting with Bharat. Rajiv Krishna Saxena
Keywords: Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, Sita, Ramayan, love for brother, milap