Baagan kahe ko jao piyaBaagan kahe ko jao piya

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Born “Sayyad Ibrahim” in village Pihani in District Hardoi in the year 1615, Raskhan later moved to Delhi and then to the birthplace of Lord Krishna. His later writings are uniquely immersed in the love of Lord Krishna (See poem ‘Manus hon toh vahi Raskhan’ in Geeta-kavita). Till the time he was in Delhi however, he wrote poems on love per-se (Shringaar Rasa), an example of which is given below. A woman tells her lover, why go to the garden when I can show all that the garden has right here. The poetry borders on erotic. Rajiv Krishna Saxena
Keywords: Raskhan, shringaar rasa, love song, garden, champa, erotic