Contemplation-8: Human Mind: Boon or BaneContemplation-8: Human Mind: Boon or Bane

Submitted / Updated On: Sunday, March 1, 2009 | Written By: Rajiv Krishna Saxena | Hits since Feb 1, 2014: 7969

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Contemplation, thinking and problem solving are unique features of human species. Evolution of life forms over last 1500 million years has produced countless species of animals and plants but human species, the epitome of the evolutionary process, has now virtually gone beyond normal Darwinian evolution. Human beings have been around only for last about 100,000 years but within this very short time they have used science to conquered all other life forms and even natural forces. Our ability to think, generate and transmit scientific knowledge has essentially been responsible for this pace of our development. It however now appears that the same attributes that were responsible for our rapid rise, could well be the cause for our equally rapid decline leading to a possible extinction. This seems to be our destiny. Rajiv Krishna Saxena
Keywords: Darwin, Origin of Species, evolution, instincts, procreation, contraception, animals, humans, species, environment, global warming, pollution, extinct species, creature comforts, population growth, birth rates