Who wants to be an NRI? (Part II)Who wants to be an NRI? (Part II)

Submitted / Updated On: Wednesday, January 2, 2008 | Written By: Rajiv Krishna Saxena | Hits since Feb 1, 2014: 3307

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Few months ago, I wrote an article - Who wants to be an NRI? Part I- for which I got good feedback from readers. I present here the second part of this article, with special emphasis to the internal turmoil that the second generation of immigrants may face. These two articles are especially for those young Indians who are going to Western countries to live and work there for a substantial period of time. Such persons are justifiably exited about having made it, and do not give any thought to whether they would ever come back to India. This issue is however very important as it can potentially cause a great deal of stress in later life. Moreover consideration of these issues cannot be postponed to later years since by then it may already be too late... Readers comments are welcome at rajivksaxena@gmail.com- Rajiv Krishna Saxena