Frequently Asked Questions

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How can we download poems from Geeta-Kavita.Com?

On, we paste poems as GIF picture files. You can right click on the poems to save the pictures and even print them. On another sister website, the same poems are presented in Unicode font in a mobile friendly format.

Can we send our poems for publication on has become one of the most popular websites for Hindi poems and articles. We currently (May 2008) receive about 2.0 million hits per month. We also regularly receive inquiries from the readers who want to submit their poems for publication in Readers can mail their poems to ”Geeta-Kavita, 27 Empire Estate, Sultanpur, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, New Delhi 110030 (India)”. Poem in Shusha Hindi font can also be emailed to (font can be downloaded free from : ). Decision to publish the poem will be taken by Geeta-kavita editors, and will be final.

Why must you use English on this site meant purely for Hindi literature?

Unfortunately there is no universal font for Hindi that can be read on all kinds of computers and browsers without any problem and errors. We therefore publish Hindi material as picture files. This takes much more efforts on our part and the files occupie much bigger space on the server, yet this practice ensures that readers irrespective of their computer (IBM or Mac etc) or browser (internet explorer or firefox etc) are able to read the Hindi material error free. For routine comments, bits of information, menus, FAQs and search engines, we are forced to use English as that is operationally far more simple and makes it much easier for readers to find this site through major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Can we suggest popular poems for inclusion in the collection at

Yes, please do send if you have some such poems, to "Geeta-Kavita, 27 Empire Estate, Sultanpu, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, New Delhi 110030 (India)".

Where can we buy Geeta Kavya Madhuri?

You can buy it on this website. Please go to the buy link under “Geeta”.

Is complete audio CD of Geeta Kavya Madhuri available for buying?

Not yet.

Can we contact the author of Geeta Kavya Madhuri?

You can send an email to ""