Rashmirathi (Karan forsees the futility of war)Rashmirathi (Karan forsees the futility of war)

Submitted / Updated On: Thursday, November 8, 2007 | Written By: Ramdhari Singh Dinkar | Hits since Feb 1, 2014: 34773

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Karna was first born son of Kunti whom she had abandoned at birth as he was an illegitimate son. Karna grew up in a lowly family of pot makers, yet became the best warrior of that time. In the Great Mahabharata war, Karna was obliged to fight from the side of Duryodhana as Duryodhana recognizing his merits had made him a king and adopted him as a close friend. Karna fighting from Kauravas side was a great worry of Pandavas as he was reputed to be unconquerable in war. The way Dinkar Ji has presented the storey of Karna with all hues of human emotions trapped in moral dilemmas, is simply marvelous. The rhythm and meter is lilting. Choice of worlds and purity of language is exhilarating. The work has a timeless relevance and is a must read. On the eve of Mahabharata War Kunti, went to Karna and requested him to diffuse the war by leaving Duryodhana and coming over to Pandavas side as he was her first born and it was only appropriate for him to fight from the side of Pandavas. A part of Karnas reply in words of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar is given below. Karna says that even as he foresees a defeat for Kauravas, he must fight from the side of Duryodhana. He says that the war is quite pointless yet it is a destiny that has to be fulfilled. - Rajiv K. Saxena