Submitted / Updated On: Saturday, July 18, 2009 | Written By: Deepa Bhalla

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I had been searching for so many Hindi poems which i had read when i was in school. Today when i found few of them I relived those moments! Can you tell me where I will get the following poems (i remember only few lines):1. lau hai lagi watan ki deti unhe na jalne sudhi ka nasha nirala deta nahin bahakne.....]2. utho lal ab ankhe kholo, paani layee hoon mooh dholo....3. yeh laghu sarita ka bahta jal .....4. jyon nikal kar baadlon ki god se thi abhi ik boond kuch aage badhi....5. kaala baadal jee darvave bhura baadal paani lave.....and so on! its a nostalgic feeling cant be explained in words! Thanks.