Submitted / Updated On: Tuesday, December 25, 2007 | Written By: Chandra Mittal

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Aap apni site par paathako ke vahi feedback chapte hain jo aapki prashansha se bharpoor hote hai, jabki hindu sanskriti kahti hai nindak niyare rakhiye. Alochana se aap itna ghabrate kyo hain?-------Reply:-------Dear Chandra, Thanks for your letter. You are right that I am selective about what letter to include in the feedback column. But this is not to avoid criticism. Let me tell you and other readers in some details.

I can divide the feed back in the categories of praise (about 70%), suggestions (10%), comments (10%), requests from readers to include their poems (5%) and criticism less than 5%. I do not include all letters of praise, most of them are weeded out too when the comments are in few words like “very nice” or “well done”. I do include some of the suggestion letters though my endeavor is to act on these suggestions rather than pasting the letters. Recent changes on (a) including a search engine and categorization of poems, (b) adding RSS, (c) FAQs, (d) book selling page etc are in response to suggestions of the readers only. Some people ask for poems that I do not have or do not know about. I just keep those suggestions in mind. Some comments letters are included in the feedback, though most comment letters do not mention what poem they are commenting on. Poems name must be given otherwise there is no point of including the letter. Comments like “such and such poet is great or bad” are not included. I do not include letters from readers who want to include their poems since I have no proper editorial mechanism to select poems from readers. I am trying to put in place some such mechanism in place but that will take time.

Readers are kind and it is only rarely that I get a letter of criticism. Some of these point out to mistakes in poem. I welcome such letters and immediately try to fix the problem without including such letters in the feedback, but I do thank the readers for such letters through a personal reply. Some readers criticize my use of English for cataloging etc, but that is because of their ignorance of the problems in web management in Hindi font. During the last couple of years that I have initiated this site, I recall only very few letters (less than 10 perhaps) that were outright malicious even abusive. I just ignore such letters.

Please note that I run this site out of my love for Hindi language and literature. I am an extremely busy scientist and professor but make it a point to regularly devote my energy, time and money for this site. Each new posting costs me about Rs. 500 and the bill for current up gradation of the site is close to Rs. 35,000!!. Almost 1000 readers visit the site daily and their pleasure is my reward. I shall be interested in hearing if you have some genuine points of criticism. Kind regards

Rajiv K. Saxena


Priy Saxenaji, Aapka letter parhne ke baad mujhe apni galti ka ehsas huya, mujhe aisa letter nahi bhejna chahiye tha. Aap tan-man-dhan se Hindi aur Sanatan dharm ki jo sewa kar rahe hain, vah prashansha-yogya hai. Pun: kshama-yachana sahit. Gopal Prasad Mittal