Who wants to be an NRI

Submitted / Updated On: Friday, December 21, 2007 | Written By: Bhupinder Vohra

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Dear Dr. Saxena, Regards, I read your article and I completely agree with you that people like me who are liviing here are indeed second class citizens. But for the person like me (as you were in the same category) who are doing postdoctoral research here from years (in my case already 7 years in USA), there is really no hope in finding a job in India. At least I tried many places and I did not get even a single positive call. I know you went back and found a good position and I know many people are still going back, but in the recent past I do not know any person who went back and got job without knowing some one. I wish if you would have written something about this aspect also, many of postdocs like me who are living here not because we do not want to come back, and not because we are not trying to come back, but the reason is we do not have connections to get proper placement in Indian universities.
Bhupinder Vohra, PhD