Right or wrong

Submitted / Updated On: Friday, July 13, 2012 | Written By: Alagesan

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Sir, You are always saying in your articles that right or wrong is just a matter of perspective. You tend to be always unbiased, but as Oscar Wilde has said: "An unbiased opinion is valueless". It appears as if you want to just avoid controversy. It would be better if you can put your analysis and definitely make it a point to state what is wrong and what is right. Regards, Alagesan

Response: Wisdom comes where passion ends. It is worldly-wise people with strong opinions who make a change in this society / world and therefore strong opinions are useful for the society at large. Political ideology is a case in point. One may have strong left or right political opinions and they argue their points from specific points of view. That does not mean that either of them are absolutely correct. Society changers should have strong opinions on what is right and what is wrong. If they didnít, how would they work passionately for the change? However, when a person evolves spiritually, strong opinions start looking childish as there are so many dimensions to any issue that in the end it boils down to every opinion being just a point of view. In my articles, I tend to remain unbiased because that is closer to the reality. The idea is to present a correct perspective rather than a point of view. Rajiv K. Saxena