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    Poem: Ghar ki yaad

    Parh ke yad aaye PITAJI
    Nayan me bundon ki bhanti
    Tanik Jhilmilaye PITAJI
    Janta hun wah nahin hain
    Dekhata hun par yahin hain
    Jab bhi bebas sa main hota
    Kandhe me mere hath rakhkar

    Saturday, April 17, 2010 by Sanjay Mishra

  • [532]

    Very much pleased

    I am very much pleased to visit this site. Beautiful collecton of poems,songs and articles by well known indian poets, shayars, geetkar and writers. Some poems which I read in my school and college t...

    Friday, April 16, 2010 by Kiran Verma

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    We all the readers of poems are thankful to your creation and collection of poems. This inspires many others to read.Not only reading poems but to confirm a special interest to others by using such te...

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010 by Hardik Goswami

  • [534]

    Peer Meri by Virendra Mishra

    Its a very poignant poem and the graphics accompanying are also apt. Well done!...

    Saturday, April 10, 2010 by Chittanandan Mishra

  • [535]

    Naman-yogya devotion

    It is an extra-ordinary and naman-yogya devotion to translate Geeta in Hindi. Common persons who do not understand Sanskrit may now read and understand Maha-Puran Geeta . It is really a great service ...

    Saturday, April 10, 2010 by Pradeep Sharma

  • [536]

    Hindi Ki Jad

    Bharat main Hindi ki jad ko majbut karne ke liye yeh ek hosle se bhara kadam hai. Logon ko chahiye ki ve is tarah ke prishd prakashit karen taki ane wali peedhee ko is anokhi bhasha ke gyan ki prapti ...

    Friday, April 9, 2010 by Shruti Kirti Saxena

  • [537]

    Awesom site

    It is a beautiful awesome site, i was looking for these kind of site only where i can gather knowledge from our Ancestors...i want read entire story on Ahilya who was an important character in Great R...

    Friday, April 9, 2010 by Gyanesh Shendye

  • [538]

    Beautiful collection

    It is beautiful collection. Can you please include some poems, Geet by Swargeeya Shri Virendra Mishr...

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by Akhilesh Chandra Mathur

  • [539]

    Best place for poetry lovers

    Hi RK Sir, Really a good and very touching poem (Vivashtaa, Is baar nahin aa paunga). Can feel the pain hidden inside it as currently I am out of my country . Thanks for posting such a nice poem. Al...

    Monday, April 5, 2010 by Dimpee Shroha

  • [540]

    Coolest collection

    I regularly visit Geeta-kavita. It is a great site having coolest colllection of Hindi poems. Thanks Again. ...

    Saturday, April 3, 2010 by Mahendra Yogi